Cabernet Sauvignon With Pasta?

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape makes a full-bodied red wine that can pair well with substantial, flavorful dishes such as beef steaks, lamb dishes and country stews. 

Pasta dishes can be substantial and flavorful as well, and are often based on a red sauce or a white one. A basic guideline is to avoid pairing a white sauce with a red wine or vice-versa...

Red wines pair much better with red-sauced pasta- and the best pairings are with a more acidic wine that will stand up to all that acid in a tomato sauce.

Almost any Italian red wine will have the acidity to match well with tomato-sauced pasta. Primitivo and Nero D’Avola wines are generally good values, while a Brunello di Montalcino or Aglianico will offer a more profound experience. 

Cabernet Sauvignon is generally a lower-acid wine that’s really a bit too soft for tomato-based dishes- but it can still be a good choice for pasta served with a slow-braised meat sauce, or short ribs.

As for those white sauce pastas, or barely sauced pastas? Try a Gavi di Gavi or Falanghina for complexity- Pinot Grigio or Vermentino for their simple charms.

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