Champagne and Salad?

Champagne is fun. Champagne is delicious. Champagne is a versatile wine to pair with food... wait...? 

It’s true. Champagne has a fairly wide expressive range, and from the freshest non-vintage Brut to the noblest aged vintage it matches well with foods.

With a green salad choose a brisk basic Brut for it’s high acidity and clean profile that stands up to a vinaigrette dressing.

Vintage bottles with complex, mature tastes compliment sauced chicken dishes very well, and are wonderful with aged cheese and dried fruit.

Blanc de Noir for duck and Blanc de Blancs for shellfish. Not that tough, right?

Just use a proper glass, please.

What about sweet sparklers, though? There’s actually not a lot of demi-sec or sweet Champagne out there. Prosecco from Italy is notably sweeter than Champagne and pairs very nicely with soft, mild cheese, prosciutto and fruit salads to name a few... 

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