Does White Wine Have Sulfites?

Sulfites in wine have been a topic of discussion for some time now. It’s most important for people who are actually allergic to sulfites, but there are plenty of us who appreciate a lighter hand with additives in wine. 

Yes white wine has sulfites in every bottle- all wines do. It occurs naturally in the vinification process that turns grape juice into wine.

Beyond those naturally occurring sulfites, winemakers will often add additional sulfites in the fermentation mix or at bottling, and that’s where things start to become unpredictable.

Sulfites are added to keep wine from oxidizing so that it ages well and tastes fresh and clean when you pop the cork (or twist off the cap.) White wines are inherently more delicate than reds, and are actually generally a bit higher in added sulfites than reds to keep them stable on the shelf or in your cellar

When you  are looking to reduce sulfites in your wine, look for certified organic or biodynamic bottles- these will be the lowest sulfite wines to be found, red or white. Wines marked as ‘natural’ are your next bet.

You can also buy sulfite filters to reduce 'em even more!

Don’t worry too much, there’s more sulfites in a glass of orange juice than in a glass of wine!

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