Is A Red Burgundy Made From Merlot?

Burgundy- the land of dreams for many wine enthusiasts. Much has been written...

It’s a relatively narrow area, running roughly South to North, mostly along a low series of hills. The sun doesn’t always shine, and it can be cool and damp much of the time but this land is home to some of the most desirable vines in the world.

Merlot actually has no place here. If you’re drinking a red Burgundy, 99.9% of the time it will be from the Pinot Noir grape- and arguably the best Pinot Noir in the world is grown and vinified right here.

The terroir of the Cote D’Or is subtle and complex, and Pinot Noir makes a light-to-medium bodied wine that has a reputation for ‘transparency,’ or the ability to showcase that terroir very well.

Merlot is a grape that creates a denser, more full-bodied wine- and while an essential part of most Bordeaux wines, a Burgundy wine will never be based on Merlot.

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